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Tania Magnan, ED S, RYT

Certified Yoga Instructor



Registered Yoga Instructor under the Yoga Alliance, practitioner for 14 years and Certified Yoga Instructor by Prana Yoga in Coral Gables, studied under Rosella Rossi, Dwarka Prasad, Manuso Mano and other popularly sought-after yoga teachers. She believes strongly that the benefits of yoga apply to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

“If you give yoga the opportunity, it will reward you with inner peace, focus, and deeper understanding of others. Yoga poses teach patience, control of the breath and steadiness, all of which bring about an incomparable inner calm. At the same time, Vinyasa Yoga is a demanding exercise practice that strengthens, creates flexibility, and renews the individual’s perception of exercise.” says Tania.

Her background includes performing in modern dance and ballet during her teenage and young adult years. Later, she decided that yoga was the route she needed to take in order to keep her body flexible, strong and young. In 2002, she began offering teachers a Stress Management & Exercise Program at Snapper Creek Elementary—a program that was strongly advocated by the school’s faculty and administration. Today, she teaches weekly classes from her location in Kendall. She has previously taught at the Mandarin Oriental, Biltmore Spa, Maya Yoga, Coral Gables Youth Center, and Burger King Corporation. She has also participated in adult education and the New Millennium Grant programs with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, offering  both adults and children the complete yoga experience. Tania holds a Masters in Education and has taught all ages from three to 73.