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Class Descriptions

Classes Open Year 'Round!


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1.5-hour class

Saturdays at 9am

This class is for All Levels and takes place Saturdays. This class will offer a deeper Mind-Body-Spirit connection by dedicating more time to both the physical part of the practice as well as an extended savasana at the end. It offers everything the 1-hour class offers with more time for adjustments, use of props, and exploration of asanas.


1-hour class

Monday Nights at 6:30pm and Wednesdays at 10am

This class is for All Levels and is suited for the busy individual looking to get some “me time” into his or her schedule. This class will offer the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, which is the definition of Yoga, through stretching, strengthening, pranayama (breathing exercises), and asanas (yoga poses) that bring the body into proper alignment and promote improved posture and relief to the body. The class is topped off with a guided meditation in savasana (final relaxation pose). Morning and late afternoon classes available.

  Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga
1.5-hour class

This is an Ashtanga Series 1 class for more advanced students who have trained at least 6 months in the Primary Series. It is an early morning class based on the tradition that yoga is best when performed at sunrise or at sunset. This class strictly follows the primary series with some guidance, but students are eventually encouraged to work independently as the instructor gives adjustments and makes suggestions to their poses. Chanting, Series I, and final relaxation (savasana) are all part of this disciplined practice. Mastery of this level will prepare students for Series II. Coming Soon!